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Uzbekistan produces 100 tons of gold annually, but only 6% are processed

During a visit to a jewelry factory in Namangan region, the President said that 100 tons of gold are mined in Uzbekistan annually, but only 6% are processed. According to him, additional conditions are being created for the sphere. "And this is just the beginning. We will continue to develop this industry," he assured.
President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Gavhar Jewel Group enterprise in Namangan region on March 25. Yangi-Namangan district.

The company is capable of producing 1200 kg of jewelry per year in an industrial way. The plant, which opened in 2022, has installed equipment from Turkey, Italy, the USA and Germany. The cost of the project is $ 6.5 million, of which $3.5 million was spent on equipment, $ 1 million on a production complex and $2 million dollars on the formation of a raw material base.

Today, the company has mastered the production of jewelry of 10 thousand varieties. In cooperation with foreign partners, the production of gold watch cases has been established. In 2023, 270 kg of products were produced.

In addition, it is possible to produce products of any shape to order using 3D modeling.

It is reported that the company has established cooperation with local jewelers. As a result, those who previously worked informally came out of the "shadow", and the number of jobs increased. More than 100 people are employed at the plant.

The Head of State had a conversation with the company's jewelers.

"100 tons of gold are mined in our country every year. It is allowed to sell gold to entrepreneurs in installments. In fact, there is no such possibility in other countries. However, we process only 6% of gold. Non-gold mining countries export more jewelry than we do. We are a little behind in this area. Therefore, we create additional conditions for production. And this is just the beginning. We will continue to develop this industry," Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

The President discussed with Turkish entrepreneurs the issues of improving legislation in this area.

The Head of State also got acquainted with the products of the Mehmash company, which produces 20,000 tons of screws and 18,000 tons of rolled paper per year, with an export potential of $ 6 million. 700 people work here.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev gave instructions on increasing the volume of production and export of fasteners used in the automotive industry, expanding the number of jobs.

In March 2021, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan for the first time disclosed the volume of gold sales in 10 years. It turned out that the country exported 687 tons of non-monetary gold in 2010-2020, including 100 tons in 2020.